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Reno Freethinkers

If you’re looking for Reno atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists, or just a community of freethought that promotes secular values in Reno, we’re your group. We meet on the last Wednesday of every month, and encourage you to join us at our next Meetup regardless of your beliefs.

Want to be a member of the Reno Freethinkers and enjoy special privileges and voting power? Click the Donate button and donate what you can. There are several levels and we're always working on perks for each level.

Member Option Fixed Dues

For voting membership there is a minimum donation of $25.00

You may choose your donation level:

Between $100 and $150 is our Sagan level Membership.

Between $151 and $999 is our Darwin Level Membership.






This button is good for donating any amount you wish, from $1.00 up to no limit. We are a 501c3 Nevada Corporation.

All donations are tax exempt.